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5-Star Rating Given to Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition

Oconomowoc author, consultant and insurance expert witness Kevin L. Glaser, president of Risk & Insurance Services Consulting, LLC (RISC), has been awarded a 5-star review for his book,  Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition by the nationally recognized organization Readers’ Favorite.

The book review states, in part: ” Glaser…manages to do a great deal of explaining in a manner that can be understood by nearly anyone.  He explains the role of all the players in the marketing and managing of insurance, specifically why costs for a common product can vary and how prices for insurance should be set…”. The entire review can be found at https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/34467.

Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition is available in soft cover and eBook formats at the publisher’s website, RtSideCreations.com, as well as at on-line and retail book sellers worldwide.

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