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Another Great Review For Inside the Insurance Industry‒Third Edition!

A recent great review on Amazon for III-Third Edition states, “Very good and informative guide to the industry.” Rating: 5.0 Stars
Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition

If you haven’t read this book yet, grab one of your recent insurance bills. It’s likely that you’re paying $2,000+ annually to insure a couple of nice cars and a house. If you insure a business your insurance costs are higher yet.

If you would like to better understand the insurance industry and, as a result, learn how you can save some money on your insurance policies, buy this book. Take the initiative. Learn industry secrets that you can use to drive down your insurance costs…secrets that insurance companies don’t want you to know. Spending just a little money on III-3rd Edition, and a short amount of time reading it, can reap significant savings on your insurance premiums. You have nothing to lose and much to gain…give it a try!

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