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Great Tompall Book eBay Review

Here’s an eBay post by Mary H.:

Tompall Bio

Tompall and his bros are the best group to come out of Nashville. Tompall had an incredible voice and was a great writer. The Glasers have been denied recognition from CMA, therefore, I do not spend any money on anything that one cent will go back to Nashville directly or indirectly.

Now, Tompall’s Bio is an incredible book about a GREAT MAN – yes that is right. His talent as a singer and writer is surpassed by no one. The Nashville artists should be protesting their treatment by CMA because of what Tompall did for their rights and intellect. I recommend this book to all Tompall fans and those that are not.

This bio is well composed about the life of a genius. Yes, a genius. This MAN did more for other artists than himself. The military letters he sent back gives details of how in later life he was able to put that experience into operating the HILLBILLY CENTRAL. SHOULD ALONG WITH HIS BROTHERS BE IN THE COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME.

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