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Another Great Review For Inside the Insurance Industry‒Third Edition!

A recent great review on Amazon for III-Third Edition states, “Very good and informative guide to the industry.” Rating: 5.0 Stars Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition If you haven’t read this book yet, grab one of your recent insurance bills. It’s likely that you’re paying $2,000+ annually to insure a couple of nice […]

Recent Great Tompall Book 5-Star Review

Here’s a recent Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw book review from Mary H: Tompall and his bros are the best group to come out of Nashville. Tompall had an incredible voice and a great writer. The Glasers have been denied recognition from CMA, therefore, I do not spend any money on anything that one […]

#39 Rank in Kindle Store

Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition is currently ranked #39 in the Amazon Kindle Store for all eBooks related to Risk Management. Download your own copy now at Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition to discover for yourself how people are saving money by reading this book.

Test Your Insurance Knowledge

Think you know insurance? Perhaps you do…but maybe you don’t. In less than 20 minutes you can find out one way or the other. Listen to insurance expert, Kevin Glaser, as he discusses Insurance Policies For Professional Contractors during a recent segment of Pro Construction Guide’s PROcast series. Find it on iTunes, Stitcher or on […]

Risk Management Best Seller

The book Inside the Insurance Industry—Third Edition has been recognized as a risk management “best seller” at http://riskmanagement.hansshop.tk/category/best-seller/. Tired of not knowing whether or not you are paying too much for your insurance policies? Take control of your insurance buying process by reading Inside the Insurance Industry and educating yourself in this important and unavoidable […]