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Paperback Edition Now Available!

The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw book is now available as a paperback on Amazon as well as hundreds of other e retail and bookstore locations. http://www.amazon.com/Great-Tompall-Forgotten-Country-Outlaw/dp/0991038851/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

Nashville Retail Locations

Many book retailers across the USA are offering The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw for sale. We wish to take the opportunity to highlight two Nashville-based retailers. Ernest Tubb Record Shop, located in Downtown Nashville at 417 Broadway, has physical books on display and for sale in their store. Compass Records on Music Row […]

Coming Soon!

The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw will be available as a paperback book by the end of September! Keep your collectible hardcover edition at home and pick up a paperback version to keep in your car, at work, or to take with you wherever you go, without worrying about your hardcover getting lost or […]

Great Tompall Book Recognized on SavingCountryMusic.com

Savingcountrymusic.com has posted an excerpt from Dave Hickey’s comments contained in the book The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw. The post states that the book “includes many interviews with important country music figures from today and from the time of Tompall’s greatest influence; people like Kinky Friedman, “Cowboy” Jack Clement, and Marty Stuart. Kevin […]

Compass Records Tour – Formerly Glaser Sound Studios

I recently visited Nashville while on vacation with my family. During our time there, Garry West, owner of Compass Records, gave us a tour of the building where Tompall and many others recorded mainly during the 1970s to 1980s. Enjoy this pictorial of the building where significant strides were made in establishing Nashville’s “Outlaw Movement.”