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College Course Resource

Student Intro to Insurance Right Side Creations was recently contacted by a college professor who said he plans to use Inside the Insurance Industry – 3rd Edition as a classroom resource this Spring. He said that he found our book “fun, interesting and easy-to-read,” and he believes that it will be a good introduction to […]

Realistic Reader Expectations

As the author of an educational insurance book intended for both businesses and consumers, I believe it’s important to set realistic reader expectations. Earlier in my career, I would learn something new every few minutes during a seminar. Now, if I learn two or three new, beneficial things during the course of the entire presentation, […]

Spot-On Inside the Insurance Industry-3rd Edition Review

Tom read our Kindle edition and posted a 5-Star Review on Amazon. He said, “This is a quick hour and a half read that gives you a great overview of how the insurance industry works in a very practical way. It’s perfect if you’re preparing for a job interview…”  

Yet Another Use For Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition

A recent 2019 review posted on Amazon.com is titled “Good Primer.” The reviewer gave III-3rd Edition 4 out of 5 Stars and said that he used it to prepare for an insurance-based job interview. Among those reading Inside the Insurance Industry – Third Edition are high school and college students, consumers, attorneys, insurance agents, business […]

Who’s Reading Inside the Insurance Industry – 3rd Edition Now

Who, you ask? It’s required reading for students at a University, that’s who.