Welcome to Right Side Creations, LLC

Right Side Creations owns intellectual property rights to diverse items,
including biographies and technical books, as well as insurance
and risk management related software.

Welcome to Right Side Creations, LLC

Right Side Creations, LLC owns intellectual property rights to diverse items, including biographies and technical books, as well as insurance and risk management related software.

As you browse our offerings and choose your favorite, know that each has been created with the intent of adding value to your life in some fashion.

Want to learn about the life of one of Nashville’s most interesting and talented, but little-known, singer/songwriters? The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw biography is for you. Tompall Glaser’s life story is told through his own words and by those who knew him best. If you are a “classic” country music fan you will not want to miss out on this highly acclaimed gem.

Searching for a competitive edge to gain knowledge about secret behind-the-scenes inner workings of the insurance industry that will put you in control of your insurance buying decisions? Inside the Insurance Industry - Third Edition is for you. Our book has been included in several lists of "Best Insurance Books" and reviews have been stellar. Author Kevin L. Glaser, CPCU, CIC, SCLA, ARM, AAI, AIC, ARM-P, AIS has spent more than 30 years working in all facets of the insurance industry. Beyond a background that includes working for insurance companies Glaser currently serves as a national consultant, risk manager and expert witness in litigation involving insurance related issues.

The RISC Analyzer© (RA) is a Software as a Service, or SaaS, program that picks up where Inside the Insurance Industry – 3rd Edition leaves off. Whereas Inside the Insurance Industry introduces readers to internal workings of the insurance industry, and provides ideas on how to save money, the RA walks users through a variety of risk exposures that may adversely impact their specific risk situation. Once risks have been identified, risk management techniques can be applied, such as avoidance, retention or transfer – including transferring risk to an insurance company.

Why should you use the RA? Because it is important to give thoughtful consideration to risk exposures that may not have been discussed previously with your insurance agent, but should have been. Or, identifying ways to insure exposures that your insurance agent should have brought to your attention, but didn’t. The RA provides an opportunity to educate yourself and to potentially avoid paying for adverse property or liability situations out-of-pocket. Since financial advisors and wealth managers assist in preserving and growing your financial assets, the RA is well suited for use with their clients. But many people are comfortable making financial decisions themselves, without assistance from others. If this describes you, the RA is available for your own direct purchase. If you are interested in this alternative, reach out to us at contact@riscanalyzer.com for further details.

Note: Bulk book order discounts are available. Contact us directly for more information.

After ordering your book, send us an email if you would like your copy autographed or dedicated in some fashion. If a dedication is desired, share any particular wording that you would like included.

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About Us: Right Side Creations

Right Side Creations, LLC operates in the world of creativity. As our logo depicts, our products are the result of activities related to the right side of the brain. In addition to creativity, our right brain activities encompass characteristics such as imagination, observation and story development, consideration of various possibilities, intuitiveness and insightfulness. Results of our right brain activities include production of books and other materials that provide unique outcomes and life enhancements for purchasers of our products. We are confident that the benefits that result from purchasing our products will be clearly evident. However, we invite you to review our product offerings and decide for yourself whether our merchandise will add value to your life.

Our Products

The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country ...

This book provides an in-depth look at the life of one of country music’s least recognized — but most iconic and influential performers and business owners. Given unprecedented access to Tompall, this book tells his story through his own words and through the words of th...

Inside the Insurance Industry –...

Kevin L. Glaser, CPCU, CIC, SCLA, ARM, AAI, AIC, ARM-P, AIS has been involved in the insurance industry for over 30 years. He has worked in various insurance company staff positions, including underwriting and claims, and currently serves as a national consultant, risk manag...

The RISC Analyzer©™ Software...

The RISC Analyzer©™(RA) helps to identify specific personal or business risk exposures to uncover gaps you have in your current insurance and risk management plans. Unless you avoid risks or transfer risks through the purchase of insurance, you are on the hook when an occ...

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