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The RISC Analyzer©™ Software



The RISC Analyzer©™ was specially developed for financial advisors, wealth managers, and others in the financial services industry. It provides the tool you need to assess the risks your clients face, to protect their assets, and to give them peace of mind. This software is simple to use but results in a highly effective way to help protect your clients from the adverse impact of inadequate property and casualty insurance protection. The RISC Analyzer©™ was created by Kevin L. Glaser, CPCU, CIC, SCLA, ARM, AAI, AIC, ARM-P, AIS, based upon his 30+ years of experience in claims, underwriting, risk management, litigation support and consulting. Mr. Glaser’s knowledge helps you find where your clients’ financial well-being may be in jeopardy due to failure to properly protect their valuable property or as a result of uninsured exposures to legal liabilities.

Regardless of the property and casualty insurance agent writing your client’s insurance policies, it is prudent for financial advisors and wealth managers to include a P&C insurance review along with life insurance, investment advice and other tools used to develop a comprehensive client financial plan.

For additional information, or to arrange an onsite product presentation, directly contact Right Side Creations president, Kevin Glaser.

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